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From To Date Notes
Acacia Ave. Argus Dr. 1923  
Adams Ave.   Addison Way   1923 John Q. Adams developed the tract. Addison Lee resided on
the street.
Adams Ave. Oak Grove Drive 1914 Eastern end
Alcatraz Ave. Avenue 46 1914  
Angelus Ave. Algoma Ave. 1923  
Annandale Boulevard Figueroa Street    
Belleview Ave. Grandola Ave. 1923  
Castle Ave. Caspar Ave. 1923  
Central Ave. Eagle Rock Blvd. 1923  
College Boulevard Alumni Avenue    
Curtiss Ave. Corliss Street    
Dean Rydal St. 1923  
Delmar Ave. Vincent Ave. 1923  
Douglas Ave. Lockhaven Ave. 1923  
Eagle Ave. Norwalk Ave.    
Eagle Ave. illegible 1914  
Eagle Rock Road West Broadway 1914 See E R Sentinel 12-17-1914
Eddy Ave   El Rio Ave.   1923 James W. Eddy resided on the street
El Modena Ave. Colorado Blvd.    
Ellenwood Drive     Ellenwood Place 1923 Part of the Ellenwood loop. Ellenwood farmed at Ellenwood and Hill
Ellis Ave. El Verano Ave. 1923 Ellis lived in “Castle Crag”
Fairmont Ave. Maywood Ave. 1923  
Florence Place Tenshaw Place 1923  
Florida Way Niagara Ave. 1923  
Forest and Noble Stanley Ave. 1914  
Forest from Glen Eyrie Montiflora 1914  
Forestville Ave. Woodrow Ave. 1914  
Glassell Ave. Eagle Rock Blvd.    
Glen Eyrie Glen Iris Ave. 1923  
Grandview Ave. Live Oak View Ave. 1923  
Harlan Ave. Las Flores Drive 1923  
Harvard Ave. Del Rosa Drive 1923 Godfrey Edwards named it Harvard
Highlands Ave. Highland View Ave. 1923  
Hill Ave. Hill Drive 1923 Originally planned to loop around the valley via College
Hill Drive, Hill Avenue and Glenmore Ave. College View Ave 1914 The north-south portion of the hillside streets above and
around Eagle Rock City
Hillcrest Ave. Highcrest Ave. 1923  
Hollingsworth Ave. Sierra Vista Ave 1914  
Howard Drive Mariposa Ave 1914  
Ishpeming Silverwood   later
Johnston Street Merton Ave. (east of Eagle Rock Blvd) 1914  
Kenilworth Ave. Hermosa Ave. 1923  
Lawrence Ave. Langdale Ave. 1923  
Linden Way Maywood Ave. 1923  
Linden Way Fairmont Ave. 1914  
Lucille Way Onteora Way 1923  
Malfolda Chickasaw Ave. 1923  
Marcello Las Colinas Ave. 1923  
Mariposa Las Colinas Ave. 1923  
Minette and Hill Street Angelus Ave. 1914  
Myrtle Ave. Merton Ave. 1923  
Occidental Ave. Avenue 47 / Munson Avenue   Originally platted as one street divided by a wide parkway
Osborne Way Laverna Ave. 1923  
Palm Avenue Laverna Ave 1923  
Paloma Ave. Shearin Ave. 1923 Oxy Prof. Shearin resided on the street
Park Ave. Fair Park Ave. 1923  
Payton Ave. Loleta Ave. 1923 Payton was the foreman for Campbell- Johnston Loleta was misnamed for Leota Cota
Pearl St. Shearin Ave. 1923  
Penryn Ave Linda Rosa Ave   After 1923 map
Ridgeway Ave. Ridgeview Ave. 1923 Helen Pratt named the street after Ridgeway, a naturalist
she admired
Rosemont Ave. Dahlia Drive 1923 Rosemont was named by P.W. Parker
after his house on the street. Dahlias were grown by Jesse James Broomall on the street
until the late 1930s
Rowland Ave. Rockland Ave. 1923  
Royal Drive Mount Royal Drive 1923  
Satsuma Ave. La Roda Ave. 1923  
Shallot Terrace ?    
Shearin Ave. Acacia 1914 After H.G. Shearin street resident and Eagle Rock School
District Clerk
Sierra Vista Drive Sierra Villa Ave. 1923  
Stanley Ave. Chickasaw Ave. 1923  
Summit Drive Escarpa Drive. 1923  
Sycamore Ave. Yosemite Drive 1923  
Sycamore Drive, Occidental Drive and Carroll Avenue Douglas Ave. 1914  
Townsend Ave.     Townsend family lived on the street
Tunnel Street (Hill Drive) Monte Benito Ave. Ave.   Eastern end.
Tunnel Street, Hill Avenue, and Hill Street Hill Drive 1914 Tunnel Street went east from Payton Ave. (Loleta) to El
Modena Ave. (Figueroa Street)
Valley Drive Ellenwood Drive 1923  
Valley View and part of Alcatraz Ave. Ridgeway Street 1914  
Valley View Ave. Ridgeview Ave.    
Viola Drive Satsuma Avenue 1914  
Virginia Ave. Vincent Ave. 1923  
West Street Ward St. 1923  
West View Ave. Westdale Ave.    
Wideway Broadway 1923  

1923 Street Map