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A Stroll down the Boulevard I
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Eagle Rock Carnegie Library  Reading Room of the Carnegie library     Eagle Rock's Carnegie library
Eagle Rock's Rose Parade Floats 1914 1917 1920 floats   1923 1938 1939 floats  
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1914 1915 1916 1917 1918
1920 1921 1923 1925 1926 1927
1936 1937 1938 1939
Boy Scouts in Eagle Rock View Slide Show
People, Places and Blimps Barbara Moffet Blanche Gardiner Carroll Evans Dahlia City
Elementary School Tug-O'-War Mrs. Pratt in her yard Pratt Hous Interior Pratt House Exterior
Mrs. Pratt PHH on Porch 20th Century Club Members of the Chamber of Commerce 1935
Kiwanis Builders Kiwanis Member ca 1935 Kiwanis Founders 1924 Kiwanis Meal ca 1970
The Monarchs Car Club ca 1955 Presbyterian Church ca 1935 View of the Valley Blimp 1906
Charles Young 1914 Young Home Late 1880's Eagle Rock 1888 Eagle Rock & Car 1926
Schools Occidental College ca 1935 Future site of Yosemite Park & Eagle Rock High School ca 1925
Parks Eagle Rock amid Trees Quite a park Eagle Rock,Dump Access,Freeway New Building at Eagle Rock Park

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